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Sat Question Answer

Question 1
I heard that you are allowed to take the SAT in 8th grade. I was interested, but I need to know that if I take it this year, can i take it again in high school? And will my test scores from this year affect my opportunities if I score poorly?

Unless you are being asked to take the SAT for some particular group like a gifted and talented program, I would not encourage you to take the SAT or ACT in 8th grade.  As a college consultant and test prep coach, I usually do not suggest students take the SAT or ACT until the spring of their junior year.  You can go online and practice on tests if you wish, but there is no reason to take the real tests before you need to.

Question 2
hey there , i have a collegeboard account and i once received my sat score online , how can i show my other scores? i did 1 more and i need to get it online but i don't know where to click to add a new registration number so i can get my sat newer sat score.

Your College Board account number should be the same for both tests.  You may need to email the College Board through their contact information on the website and explain your situation.  They are probably the only ones who can help you.

Question 3
Hey, I'm a home school student (junior) and I need to start preparing for the SAT and also SAT II's because a lot of colleges require them. I'm planning to purchase prep books for U.S. history, English, and a science not sure which one. In conclusion, I don't want to spend a lot of money on these books so I was wondering if I could buy used books or past books like from 2007. The website where I'm gonna buy them is . So yeah, I'm not sure if past version prep books is a disadvantage to my studying but I really don't want to spend a lot of money on these books.

I think it is important to get books that are pretty current.  The only one I recommend for the SAT is The Official SAT by the College Board.  It has lots of tests to practice on and that is something that you want to do as much as possible.  They also publish books for the subject tests.

Question 4
I'm an American living in China. I'm an English teacher and have a Chinese student who attended a private school in China, that uses the Australian high school curriculum. The student's G.P.A is only 2.0 and her SAT score is 1500. The student thinks that American universities will evaluate her high school transcripts in a different way than they do those from other countries, because she took difficult classes such as calculus. Also, she claims that students in Australia get very low grades, and because she took hard classes she believes that American universities will lower there bench mark for the G.P.A . I find it hard to believe. Am I right or is she?

I believe you are right.  I have heard of grade inflation and know that it can be a problem, but I know nothing about the Australian high school transcript being evaluated differently from any other transcript.  Most successful students in the U.S. are taking AP and IB classes and challenging themselves with courses in calculus, East European History, etc. A 2.0 is low regardless of what classes she is taking.  Her only advantage at some schools could be if her family has the money to pay the full tuition and she has no need for financial aid or scholarships.  Some colleges are seeking out international students who fall into this category.  But I still think her college choices are limited with those grades and test scores.  I am enclosing my website address if I can help you with any students who need help with college planning or a great online test prep course.

Question 5

"I'm a senior this year, and am planning to take either the SAT or the ACT tests. But im currently living in Iran and there are no test centres here, i've heard that it is Ok for the students who are studing in Iran not to take these tests and  the universities in the USA will still accept them.. My question is that would that affect my chances of getting to a good university? and is it better for me to leave the country to give the test? And also should i give the ACT or the SAT??? is it too late to give the SAT in january if im sending my application to Califrnia universities in November?? I'm taking IB right now, and i'm planning to study Architecture in university, could you please tell me what do exactly the universities in California expect from the students? and d they like IB better than other diplomas??

I think your best bet is to contact the College Board online and inquire where the nearest international test center might be.  I have never heard that colleges and universities in the US would accept students without an SAT or ACT score, unless they were part of the schools that do not require the test scores for admissions. You could contact one of the University of California schools you are applying to and ask them your question.  They would be the best people to respond.  You would directly contact the admissions office.  They could also tell you whether the January test is too late.  For more schools, it is.  As far as whether you take the SAT or ACT, that is up to you.  I usually suggest students take both tests their junior year and see which one they do the best on.  All colleges in the US will take either the SAT or ACT.

Question 6
I wanted to give my SAT in nov 6, 2010 but all the centres in my location were already full.So,I am obliged to give it in december 2010.I am planning to join college in august 2011.Will giving SAT in december hurt my chances of getting into a good college?

Many high school seniors take the SAT in December.  It would only be a problem if you are planning on applying to any schools early action.  Just make sure you send your December test scores to all of the colleges you have applied to.

Question 7
Hello my daughter needs to get 550 in Maths and 550 in english on her SAT1. How many questions does she need to answer correctly out of each of the 20 question units to get this score. Many thanks Hayden

Your daughter will need to get a few more than half of the questions correct on each section in order to get a 550 on the English and math tests.  There is not an exact answer because there is a small penalty for guessing and this could make a difference.

Question 8
I have taken the ACT multiple times, and I always seem to really struggle with the science section. I simply do NOT know how I can possibly prepare for it, and on the test date, my brain gets confused by all the graphs,and formulas that are completely unfamiliar to me and I start blindly guessing...not the best thing for my score.Can you offer me some tips on how to study, perhaps some good websites or prep books that I can use to better prepare myself for this test?
Also, I consider myself to be a pretty good writer. I did well in my AP english class,and received a 4 on the english ap exam. However, I can not seem to tackle the act writing portion. I always get an 8 and this time I got a 6! I believe that I always write a fairly good essay, filled with points, counterarguments and examples, but the act graders seem to think otherwise. What are they looking for on the act writing test?
Thank you very much and have a nice day!

I think you should concentrate on the other three tests on the ACT and not worry so much about the science.  You may be reading more into the science than you should.  Don't waste time on reading the graphs and figures, but go to the questions and they will lead you to the answers.
Then you can study the graphs and figures more in detail.  You might also consider skipping one section on the sciences passages because the science section pushes you for time.  I do have an excellent eprep online course for the ACT which students are finding very helpful to improve their scores. You can go to to try it out.  I am able to provide a good discount through my website if you are interested.

As far as the writing on the ACT, the graders have very little time to judge your essay.  They basically are checking to see whether you are taking a yes or no stand on the question, what kind of examples you use to support your stance, and how well you summarize your position.
Question 9
Dear Madam,

I am lokking for a SAT  workshop to prepare my son ( Grade 11) for the test.

My son is in King Abdul Aziz International school ( English teaching school) in Riyadh. We are foreseeing that he will continue his education in Canada.

Do you know of any prep. SAT workshop or course in Riyadh?

I do not know of any SAT prep programs in Riyadh.  I have an excellent SAT eprep online course which many students have found extremely helpful.  It has tests for practice and video feedback for any questions that a student gets wrong.  It also has 30 hours of video instruction for any areas of weakness a student has.  A student can work on the course from any computer at anytime once they are registered.  You can take a look at the course by going to and see if you think it would be good for your son.  I can give you a significant discount on the course through my website at  Let me know if I can help you.
Question 10
Good day Susie Watts. I'd like to ask where is the test location of SAT Examination in Chicago? I'm sorry if my grammar is not so good. Hope you understand me. Oh! I also want to ask where is the test location of TOEFL iBt? Thanks again.

Go to the College Board website at  You will register to take the test here.  You will then be given some dates and locations where the test is given in Chicago.  You can choose the location closest to you.  Go to the TOEFL website and it will also give you test dates and locations in the Chicago area.
Question 11
im going to start my senior year of high school in about a week and my first choice school is cu boulder (im out of state). as of now i have a 3.45 and a 1530 on the sat(570 reading, 540 writing and 420 math) what should i do, and do i even have a shot?

I am a college planner in Colorado so I know CU Boulder quite well.  I don't know whether you have taken the ACT before but it might be worth giving it a try and seeing how you do on it.  Your grades are the most important consideration and test scores next.  You need to really make your senior grades count and I would try and take either the SAT or ACT twice this fall in order to get the best scores.  You have a shot but I would have some other schools in mind that you like equally well in case you don't get in.

Question 12
I want to attend US college in Sep 2011. How late can I take the SAT exam and when should I send in my application

Students should take the SAT or ACT sometime in the fall of their senior year.  Most schools will take test scores through the December 2010 test.  Every college and university has a date when applications are due.  You will need to choose the schools that interest you the most and then check their websites for application deadlines.

Question 13
I would really like to know, do colleges view the SAT and ACT equally (I know they say they do, but I've heard that secretly they like the SAT better). I took a practice SAT, and did poorly on it (1600/2400. However, I got a score of 31 on a practice ACT. Obviously, I don't want to send in my SAT score..but do colleges really value them the same?
Thanks, any help is appreciated!

There may have been a time when the SAT was a little more important to some schools than the ACT, but that is not the case today.  There is not a school in the country that will not accept both test equally.
Some schools insist on the ACT with writing so you need to make sure that is included in your test.

Question 14
Where can i find the SAT official past papers?are they available online? else if hav to order where to buy from? any idea?

It is difficult to get official SAT tests because they do not print very many of them.  I have an eprep online course for the SAT which I think is excellent.  It provides a lot of practice and videos are available for an explanation on any questions that you miss.  There are also videos that help you with any areas that may not be your strongest.  It can be used anywhere at any time.  The cost for the course is $325.  I have set it up for many students and they have felt it was very helpful.  You can go to to get more information.  If you are interested, you can email me at
Question 15

I'm going to be a senior this coming fall, and I was wondering if I was in bad shape?  I'm going to be taking my SAT's for the first time in October.  Is this bad?  I wasn't able to take them last year.  I just wanted to know if it was necessarily a "bad" thing.

thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi Chelsea,
It is not too late but I would suggest you do some test prep this summer so you can do your best on the October test.  The SAT will be offered in October, November and December.  You may want to consider taking it at least twice since your best scores will be the ones they look at.  I do have a great eprep course for both the SAT and ACT.  If you are interested, you can go to my website at and click on the test prep page.  In the second paragraph is an eprep link which gives you information on the course.  You can click back to my website and I can sign you up for the course.  I offer it at a discounted rate of $325.  It is $400 otherwise.
Question 16
I went to, and looked at the SAT scheduled for October 9th, but couldn't find a location. I am in the Greeley, CO area, and would like to find a location near me. Thank you

I am in Denver and I know there are SATs offered in or near Greeley for the October 9th test,
especially with three months before the test.  Go back to the College Board website and register. It should give you a number of locations from which to choose.  If there simply isn't something close to you on that date, take the November test.

I am a 17 year old arts student from India. I belong to a middle class family. I want to study at Harvard Law School. My subjects are English, Political Science, History,Economics and Logic and Philosophy. I just want to know that how do I apply for the SAT and TOEFL tests and are all these subjects sufficient to appear for the tests? Is there any test center in India? And what is the total fee structure?

I would be really grateful to you if you can provide me the information. I apologize if i have asked too much.

You will need to go to the College Board website at and click on the registration page for the SAT I or reasoning test.  The TOEFL is more of an English test to make sure you understand English well enough to be successful at an American university.  There are testing centers in India and they should all be explained, along with the fee structure when you register to take the tests.
Question 18
i took the SAT on June 5. but college board doesn't acknowledge that. it doesn't know that i took it and i cant find any link to the scores on my organizer or my SAT. i applied by mail but college board sent me an admission ticket. i was wondering will i be able to find my scores today on and how?

The only thing I can suggest is that you go to the College Board website at
and click on the page where it says test scores are available.  Since you don't have any of the information they will need to retrieve your scores, you will need to go to the contact information and email them a message or call them and explain your situation.  It may take a little while, but they should be able to get your scores in time.

Question 19
I have registered and written the sat test on 5th of June but i did not receive any confirmation or ticket from the college board. My index number was given to by the ACE CONSULT at kumasi Ghana two days before the exams.How can I know  my scores when it's ready?

You should be able to go online and go to the College Board website at  Go to the section that tells you how to get your scores.  There is contact information there if you do not have your admissions number.  They should be able to get you your scores that way.  
Question 20
Hi.I'm currently an exchange student here in the US.I would like to further my studies in the US under the pre-med program.I have been in the US for 6 months and have done well in high school.I will be taking the SAT exams and I was wondering if you could give aby advice on how to do well in the SAT exams.Are there any books you would like to reccomend for me to use as a study guide?

The College Board puts out a book on the SAT with some tests to practice on.  It is helpful, but if you miss questions, you only get a written explanation which is not always clear.  I have an excellent eprep online course for the SAT which I think is very good preparation.  I also like the fact that there is a video explanation for any mistakes you make.  The online program can be used at anytime, anywhere, and the explanations are very clear.  The eprep online course usually sells for $395 but I am able to offer it through my business,College Direction, for $299.  The book can be purchased for about $20 at most book stores.

Question 21
Hi im currently in a Canadian high school in grade ten..and im really interested in applying to a college in the states. Im at an applied level in high school and i dont have the marks to go to university but i do for college.. is it stil avialbe for me to take an SAT even though im not going to a univeristy but to a college

In order to go to most schools in the U.S., you will need to take either the SAT or ACT.  Most students take these tests the spring of their grade eleven year.  Some repeat them again in the fall.  They are available to all high school students.  To sign up and find a location where they will be given, go to the College Board website at
Question 22
I believe I took the SAT's in fall of 2009.  Is there any way I can get my SAT scores and have them sent to another college?

That should not be a problem. Go to the College Board website at and look for their contact number or email contact.  They keep records going back quite a few years.  They should be able to send your 2009 scores to another school but will charge you a small fee to do so.
Question 23
i wish studying nursing as a course in troy university or the university of cincinnati and would want to know what i must score to gain a full scholarship in this schools

Full scholarships usually depend on a high SAT or ACT score, strong grades, and other qualities that a school considers to be important.  I think you should contact each school and request information on the minimum standards for undergraduate full scholarships in nursing.  You can do that by emailing both schools.

Question 24
Which schools would accept an SAT score of 1300 out of 2400?

There are quite a few schools that do not require the SAT or ACT.  They are called test optional and you could find a list of them at  There are some state universities and quite a few small colleges that accept scores that are just above average.  The best thing to do is to find some schools that really interest you and check out their student profile information so you can see where you test scores fall. As long as you're in the range and you have good grades, you should have a chance at acceptance.

Question 25
my SAT score is (R)400 (M)430 (W) 370. I want to go to Univ. of Oklahoma but, I am in he 3rd quarter of my graduation class. I have taken 2 Pre-AP classes (passed both) and completed 11 hours worth of dual credit my Juior and Senior year. Do I have a shot at getting in?

Not everyone tests well on standardized tests.  Your scores are low, but most colleges and universities look at your GPA and the courses you have taken as the most important consideration.
I probably would have suggested that you take the ACT also to see if you might have done better on that test.  You could always email the admissions department at the University of Oklahoma and ask if that might be helpful.

Question 26
I still havent recieved my december SAT scores and the number  is not working so im getting really worried.

You can go online to the College Board website which is  They will require the information you used to sign up and register for the test.  The results are there in the student section.  Results from the December test should be in the mail.

Question 27
I'm from the Philippines, I already graduate from high school there, if I want to take here in a community college, what test should i take, will i take also the SAT's?

Most community colleges do not require the SAT but they use the scores more for placement in different class levels.  You need to check with the particular school to find out what tests they require and where you can take them.

Question 28

   I AM going on with my studies of 12th class(pcmb).I wannn to know that what is the procedure of admission in engineering in abroad.I want to know about the test which are must for the seeking admission in abroad universities and also the dates on which these test are taken.

The tests that you probably need to take are the SAT and the TOEFL test.  The SAT is for admission and the TOEFL is to evaluate your ability to use and understand the English language.  You can go to the SAT website at for information on dates and locations where you can take the SAT.  Your school should have information about the TOEFL test.  If not, go to Google and type in TOEFL and your location.
Question 29
My friend is from the Philippines and she's asking me if she need to take SAT because her native language is English and the University asked her to take SAT. She's taking another bachelor degree. Is this possible? She's holding tourist visa. I know SAT are only for US citizen.

The SAT is not only for US citizens.  It is given in many parts of the world.  Most students take the SAT while they are in high school.  It does not matter whether you speak English or English is your second language.  If she is applying to a particular school that requires the SAT, she needs to find a location in the Philippines where she can take the test.  The College Board website can provide that information.

Question 30
I would like to complete my studies in Canda.Should I take sat 1 or sat 2.which one is easier and benefit of each

The SAT I is required of all students because it contains critical reading, writing, and math.  The SAT II are subject tests which are only required by certain schools.  There is an SAT I math and an SAT II math in the subject tests.  If you are a strong math student you should probably consider the SAT II math.  If math is not your strong area, stick with the SAT I subject math test.

Question 31
I have taken SAT twice and both marks are abysmal.
Critical Reading - 470
Maths - 700
Writing - 580
Now, with that marks, I want to apply liberal art colleges that offer need based financial aid. Please give me some advices on the colleges that might be fit with me.

Your math score is excellent.  Your reading score could stand some improvement.  You could go to the Fair Test website and look at liberal arts colleges that do not require the SAT for admissions.  There is a long list of schools that might be a good fit for you.  You would need to check their websites to see if that look like they might be possibilities.

Question 32
I'm an international student, and I don't think I will attend a US college. Should I take the test? How will the test benefit me provided english is not my first language? Will I perform better in my Math and English classes?

If you are not intending to attend a US or Canadian college, you probably don't need to take the SAT.  It is always a good idea, however, to research the schools you are interested in and check closely as to their admission requirements.  The test could be difficult for you because two parts are critical reading and writing in English.  Chances are you would perform better on the math portion.
Question 33
I am a high school senior in Jamaica, West Indies. I did SAT for the first time in November and i got a score of 1870. I am going to resit it but i was wondering ow good is tat score to get a scholarship to an ivy league to do the sciences.

Most of the students getting scholarships to ivy league schools are scoring around 1400 or above on the critical reading and math. Many colleges are still not looking a lot at the writing score.  Scholarships are determined by different criteria, however, so it is not impossible that you couldn't get one.  I would suggest you make sure you have some other good schools on your list where you might be a more competitive applicant.  These are the schools that could show a real interest in you.

Question 34
Hi! I'm from the Philippines. I got low SAT's.. 1960 for the SAT 1.. But I think I got a relatively good score in the SAT 2... 790 for my Chem, 730 for my Biology M and 770 for my Math 2.. Do you think I could get accepted in an Ivy League university?? Or maybe JHU or UC Berkeley?? Considering that I have excellent academic records but negligible extra-corricular activities, how do I stand against other applicants from these universities?? Thanks a lot!!

It sounds as though you could be a viable candidate, but don't limit yourself to specific schools that have big names.  Look at other schools that are strong academically and have good reputations, but where you might be a more competitive applicant.  Writing good essays and showing passion and what you do is aldo important.

Question 35
HI. I am trying to prepare for the reading section of the SAT, but when I looked at the practice problems in the SAT books, I found the reading passage questiosn really difficult. Do you have any websites or books that you think can help me prepare for the reading section of the SAT?

The College Board publishes a book of ten SAT tests.  I think it one of the best practice books because the more you work on the tests, the better.  The readings are not easy and you need to make sure that your answers are supported by the passage itself.  I think reading the question stem first can be a good way to give your reading some focus.  You also need to do as many sentence completions as possible because they can add to your critical reading score and don't take as long to do as the reading passages themselves.
Question 36
I'm international student and I'm willing to enroll to Univ of Washington, UC Irvine, Case Western Reserve Univ and Ohio State Univ. I have an SAT score of 1710 (470 Critical Reading, 570 Writing and 670 Math). Also I have an average GPA of about 3,6 - 3,75 and TOEFL iBT score of 97. Is this will be enough for these univ? If not - what should I improve, or maybe should I try find another universities to try to enroll to?
PS. I am going to take Math II and Physics II, and maybe US History II.

Your reading score is low for a lot of colleges and that could be a problem.  Schools will be interested in the courses you have taken and your test scores in particular.  Are you going to need financial aid?  These seem like random schools to choose and I wonder how you decided on them?    You might check to see if they all require subject tests and if they don't. I would suggest you take the SAT I test again in December after some practice on the reading section.

Question 37
How can I really study for the act and sat without spending $2,000 on classes. Can you really study for these tests? Is it true that the lower your gpa the higher your scores should be in order to go to a good college?

Studies show that practice on the SAT and ACT is very helpful and gives students confidence in their test-taking abilities and knowing how to approach each test.  My business, College Direction, offers an online course which I think is very good and gives you a number of tests to work on and detailed answers by an inst

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