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GMAT Information

GMAT Information

What is the GMAT?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a computer-adaptive test (CAT) required by most business schools, and can be taken at any time of the year.

The GMAT is comprised of 3 sections, and is a 4-hour computer-adaptive test. Your performance on previous questions determines which questions come next. 

More about what’s on the GMAT..

How is the GMAT scored?

Most students accepted to top schools score 700 or higher on the GMAT. 

More GMAT scoring information.  

When is the GMAT offered?

The GMAT is offered most weekdays throughout the year. How to register. 

How to prepare for the GMAT

The first thing you should do is take a free GMAT practice test to see how you’d do on the real thing. Then you can gauge your strengths and weaknesses, and see what GMAT test prep options might be best for you.


GMAT Test Preparation Programs

You'll learn how to master all concepts tested on the exam by following our proven test-taking strategies and sharpening verbal and quant skills.

Which GMAT Test Prep is Right for You?

Private GMAT Tutoring 

If you learn best one-on-one or need a flexible schedule, working with your own private instructor is the perfect choice. 

More about Private GMAT Tutoring

Small Group Instruction

Small Group Instruction boosts confidence and builds test-taking skills with highly personalized instruction in a small classroom setting. This program is the ideal preparation option for students seeking individualized attention at a more economical price than private tutoring.

More about Small Group Instruction

Classroom GMAT Courses

Small classes mean you'll get the personal attention you need. You will also receive Customized Homework based on the areas you need the most improvement and we cover every concept tested on the GMAT.

More about GMAT Classroom Courses

GMAT Online  

We offer options ranging from an online version of private tutoring, to shorter GMAT test preparation programs for folks who need to brush up before the test. 

GMAT Live Online now $550 Off 

GMAT Online now $250 Off

GMAT Books

We also offer a complete line of GMAT Prep books..

Attend a Free GMAT Strategy Session

You'll find out about the GMAT and the types of questions you'll find, meet an expert Princeton Review instructor who will walk you through some difficult questions, and learn some of our proven strategies that you can use on test day. Find a free GMAT event near you (or take a free online GMAT practice test right now).

Prep for the GMAT in NYC

This city is the heart of the financial markets with more banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, corporate law firms and related product businesses then anywhere in the world.  We have prepped countless students to compete for the most competitive MBA spots, and later get into top tier financial companies. Our teachers and tutors have the best grasp of this competitive marketplace being in.

GMAT Scoring

How is the GMAT scored?

A GMAT score is made up of several different numbers, each of which covers a part of your performance on the GMAT.

The most familiar number is the overall, or composite, GMAT score. This number ranges from 200 to 800 in 10-point increments and is determined from a combination of your scores on the Quantitative and Verbal Sections of the test. Business schools tend to focus on your composite GMAT score.

Your Verbal and Quantitative Sections are graded separately. You will receive a score ranging from 0 to 60 for each section. Scores below 10 and above 50 are rare.

Your Analytic Writing Assessment (AWA) essays are graded on a scale of 0 to 6. There are 2 essays, each evaluated by 2 readers (one human and one computer). ETS averages the 4 GMAT scores, and rounds to the nearest half point. Your AWA GMAT score does not count toward your composite GMAT score.

Your GMAT score remains valid for five years. If you have taken the GMAT several times, GMAC will report all GMAT scores from the past five years.

How important are your GMAT scores?

If you want to get accepted to a competitive school, your GMAT score is very important. However, GMAT scores vary in importance at different schools. In addition to your GMAT score, schools consider your duration of work experience and the caliber of that experience (again, especially for more competitive programs), undergraduate GPA, letters of recommendation, interview, and essays. Be sure to contact the specific programs to which you are applying in order to determine their unique requirements.

Can I cancel my GMAT scores?

Yes. You can cancel your scores immediately after you take the GMAT. This is the only time you can cancel your GMAT scores. Unfortunately, you must make the decision to cancel at the testing center before you see your scores. In addition, the fact that you cancelled your scores will be noted on your official GMAT score report.

You can access score reports and send reports to schools through a secure online system soon after you complete the test. If you don’t have access to a computer, GMAC will send you a paper GMAT score report.

GMAT Registration

You must register to take the GMAT in advance by phone or email; walk-in GMAT registration at test centers is not accepted.

The GMAT is given around the country and the world at Pearson VUE testing centers. Visit or call 800-717-GMAT to register to take the GMAT test.

How do I pick a GMAT test date?

First, find out the application deadlines for the business schools to which you are applying. Then work backwards from your earliest deadline. Build some extra time into your planning process for unexpected delays because you can only take the GMAT once per calendar month (including GMAT tests for which you cancel your scores). And remember that it can take as long as 4 weeks for your official scores to arrive at your designated schools. The GMAT is offered at testing centers every weekday, and on very few Saturdays. It's important to register for the GMAT early if you want to take it on a Saturday.

Attend a Free Event

We offer free events led by our expert instructors, where you'll learn about raising your GMAT score and how to navigate the b-school admissions process. Events are held at convenient locations across the country.

Find a GMAT free event near you 

Take an Online GMAT Practice Test 

Want to see where you stand with the GMAT? Try our online GMAT practice test, which includes a free practice test and a dynamic GMAT online lesson.

GMAT Free Events

Strategy Session for the GMAT

You'll find out about the test and the types of questions you'll find, meet an expert Princeton Review instructor who will walk you through some difficult questions, and learn some of our proven strategies that you can use on test day. 

GMAT and Business School Admissions Forum

In this free seminar, we'll share our in-depth knowledge of the GMAT and demystify the b-school admissions process. At the end of the session, you'll know the GMAT and how to put together an application that will impress any admissions committee. 

GMAT Free Class

Our GMAT free class is a great way to see if a Princeton Review course is for you. You'll go through sample problems with one of our expert instructors, and see how our course can help you prepare now and score higher. 

Women and the MBA Forum

Join us at this free GMAT session to learn about the GMAT and career opportunities for female MBA graduates, meet with business school admissions professionals, and start developing a strong network with other women in business. 

International Students and Educators


If you're a student outside of the United States, The Princeton Review offers several options:

To Prepare Outside the U.S or Canada 

If you live in the United States and wish to prepare abroad or if you do not live in the United States or Canada, and you wish to prepare for your standardized test in your home country, check out our international offices.

To Prepare With An Online Course 

If you do not live in the United States or Canada, you may want to consider preparing for your standardized test with an online course.




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